Mirage’s TMNT # 31 and why you should pick it up!

Hey guys n’ gals and Turtle fans alike,

This is a different type of blog post for me, as rather than just promoting the Ninja Turtle Power Hour blog (available on all good podcast hosting services, and at the link below) I thought I’d take the time to talk a little about the newly released TMNT #31 by Mirage Publishing.

TMNT #31 is the latest edition in Mirage’s volume 4 of the Ninja Turtles series, and what an epic series it has been thus far with such epic moments as the death of the Turtles beloved Master Splinter.

This issue and currently iteration of the TMNT series is a bit of an anomaly as in it is the only TMNT relate product you will see released modern without the Nickelodeon brand plastered all over it. This is because Peter Laird retained rights to print a limited number of comics per year under his ‘Mirage’ brand. This volume in particular is a direct continuation of the original Ninja Turtles comic series which burst onto the scene in 1984.

This issue, along with issue #32, are so far the only 2 issues which have been released in the 6 years since the Laird sold the license back in 2009. This, coupled with low print runs (issue #31 having a print run of only 1000!) and minimal to no press advertising the releases (Laird posts exclusively about these releases on his Turtle blog, linked below) make these issues potentially impossible to find at their retail price going forward. I’m by not means a comic a prospector, but in terms of Turtle collectables, these will be as rare as hens teeth once they are gone so go grab it while you can at the link below.

Click here to purchase issues #31 while stocks last!

I luckily grabbed these 2 beauties which arrived today. Here they are in all their glory.


Now, issue #32 was released in 2014 and has long since been sold out, so how come only now we are getting issues #31? To keep it simple, after the sale of the TMNT license to Nickelodeon in 2009, Laird openly admitted to be burned out on the Turtle property and ceased production on volume 4 even though he had retained the rights to keep it going. Not wanting to deprive the fans, he decided to release issue #31 online as a free digital copy on his Turtle blog as it had never reach the point of going to print and thus we never saw a physical release. Then, unexpectedly in May of 2014, Peter announced via his blog that he had decided to pick up where he left off in issues #31 and that that he was releasing issue #32 as a printed copy for purchase via his Mirage webstore, and also as a free digital copy. Fast forward another 13 months and Laird announced they were releasing issue #31 as a limited run of physical copies just in time for FCBD, at which time Turtle nerds like me around the world had a nerdgasim as they knew finally their TMNT vol 4 comic collections would now be complete!

All this being said, I hope Laird continues to release this series, whether it be 1 a year or more, as I will be in line to nab them as quickly as I can.

Click here to check out Peter’s TMNT blog

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