Welcome to the offical ‘Ninja Turtle Power Hour’ Blog!

Hey turtle fans!

My name is KB and I’m passionate about all thing Ninja Turtles. For the last couple of months I’ve been working weekly on a podcast called the ‘Ninja Turtle Power Hour’ in which I discuss talk about my fandom and give reviews and comments on all types of TMNT content and news within about the property.

In order to get this thing out there, I’ve decided this blog would be a good avenue for me to speak a bit at length in a non-audio format about breaking news and also give you guys news and updates on new episodes and other things I’m up too.

Anyway, you can currently check out the podcast at https://soundcloud.com/ntph-podcast and you can also support me by follow me on twitter @NTPH-Podcast where I will post the odd comment and re-post interesting links.

Thanks for taking time to check out the blog, and keep your ear to the sewer!




  1. TheTVBuddy · April 6, 2015

    Hey KB, I’m going to follow your blog. TMNT is a cartoon I plan on blogging about soon so I will be listening to your show soon.


    • ntphpodcast · April 6, 2015


      Thanks for following. Hopefully you get something out of the show and I’ll keep and eye out for your blog also.


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